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Westmill offers complete Veneer Drying Lines with an Automated Infeed, 4 or 6-Deck Jet-Dryers, Automated Outfeed, Grading and Stacking Equipment.

Westmill has taken every step to make our Veneer Dryer the best available in the industry today. We have completed hundreds of projects and have established a large installation base of veneer dryers throughout the world.

By utilizing superior insulating techniques with a completely seal-welded housing, we have designed the most well-sealed and energy-efficient dryer in the market. Many features that are options on other dryers are standard equipment on a Westmill Dryer. Our robust designs, using quality components, will provide you with many years of consistent and high production with minimal maintenance expenses.

New Veneer Dryer Installations

Dryer Emission Control:

Our Patented WestVac End-Wall Emission Control System provides an effective method of controlling end-wall dryer emissions, to increase production, save energy, improve veneer quality and reduce the risk of dryer fires.

Dryer Humidity Migration and Control System:

The 2-PEx Exhaust system provides unparalleled control of the humidity ratio along the entire dryer’s length resulting in increased production, energy savings, and greatly improved veneer quality.

Quick-Change Dryer Roll Baffle System (Patented):

Challenged by our customers to solve this problem, Westmill designed the first-ever, quickly interchangeable Dryer Roll Baffle system. Removing and replacing roll baffles now takes under 1-hour vs. 16 man-hours of very labor-intensive work to change out a baffle set.

Fan Shaft Seal System:

Our Proprietary Spring Tensioned Packing Gland permanently solves the common problem of emissions leaking through panel packing glands at the fan shaft. We effectively solved this problem by creating a Proprietary Spring Tensioned Packing Gland at this location. This solution has also greatly reduced the number of bottom bearing failures commonly caused by high-heat and bearing contamination.

The Best Door Hardware:

Robust and easy to use, our famous hardware keeps your Dryer sealed and workers safe from unnecessary strain.

“Safe Openings” Door Handle Load-Dampener (Patents Pending):

To eliminate any potential risk of ‘strike-hazard’ for an unsuspecting dryer tender when opening a dryer door, Westmill has incorporated a proprietary new hydraulic load-dampening-cylinder into our Patented Articulating dryer door hardware.

Bearing Vibration Monitoring:

We have incorporated real-time monitoring of Fan Bearing Vibration on our new Westmill Jet dryers. This real-time monitoring directs maintenance personnel to out-of-tolerance areas before they become failures.

Minimal Heat Transfer Dryer Housing:

Designed to virtually eliminate metal-to-metal contact between the inner and outer walls of the dryer’s roof and siding. Greatly improves the dryer’s thermal efficiency, and reduces pitch build-up inside the dryer, a primary ingredient causing dryer fires. Unlike any other dryer housing available today, WESTMILL’s dryer housing is actually ‘cool to the touch.’

Channel Vented Hot Box Housing:

Compared to conventional flat dryer roofs and side walls, Westmill’s Channel Vented roof design allows the dryer housing to ‘breathe’, preventing any condensation from being trapped in the upper housing. This extends the life of the dryer housing by greatly reducing upper-housing corrosion and allows the roof to expand and contract effortlessly as the dryer heats and cools.

A versatile & highly controllable dryer:

Combine the wet and dry-end WestVAC Seal sections together with our 2-PEx Exhaust and Dryer Humidity Migration and Control System, and our industry-leading dryer control system, and you have the most versatile, intuitive, and easily controllable dryer available today. Optional Humidity Sensors can also be provided as a tool for dryer set-up, testing, and ongoing diagnostics (we do not recommend using these Humidity Sensors as a control point).

patent and design exclusive
Westmill Industry is the global leader in Board Dryer Technology.

Optimal balanced delivery of airflow to the Veneer:

Is achieved using adjustable air distribution baffles at the entrance to jet tubes. This feature allows users to fine-tune the dryer’s individual decks for optimal performance.

Heavy-duty Jet Tubes:

Westmill jet tubes are manufactured using 16-gauge sheet metal (while others typically use 18-19 GA). Westmill has also incorporated a heavy 12 GA. flange around the high-pressure opening of the tube to prevent the usual bending and damage caused during handling and thereby maximizing airflow into the jet tube opening.

Floor Water Misting System:

Greatly reduces the risk of dryer fires caused by fuel build-up on the dryer floor. Metered water spray inside the dryer increases the dryer’s humidity level and “flash point” significantly.

Cooling Section:

Our cooling design benefits from years of multiple iterations and improvements. Westmill’s cooling sections include vane axial fans on both the intake and exhaust stacks. We incorporate VFDs in our cooler fan system to provide complete control over your cooling requirements while saving energy during non-peak cooling periods.

Westmill’s Dryer Control:

The functionality, ease of use, and reliability of the Westmill dryer control system are so highly regarded that we have customer engineering and electrical teams that have standardized this system across their operations in multiple locations.

Heating Systems:

Natural gas and propane burners, steam coils, thermal oil coils, and direct-fired hot air heating systems are available.

Hybrid Heating Systems:

Westmill pioneered the first Gas/Steam hybrid heating systems in use today (for many Boise Cascade plants) in the South. For us, this was an obvious solution for steam-constrained plants needing increased dryer production.


  • Zone partition walls with access doors in the upper duct.
  • Adjustable air balancing plates to allow equal airflow to each deck.
  • Roll baffles between each Dryer section.
  • Pre-assembled fan modules combine accurate shop alignment with quick field installation.
  • Stack sections provided for the outside of the plant roof.
  • Heating systems: natural gas and propane burners, steam coils, thermal oil coils, and direct-fired hot air heating systems are available.

Westmill provides consulting, plant layout, and engineering services to ensure you get the right machine for your facility.

new veneer dryer installation

Let us work with you to find the right Dryer solution to meet your needs.

What Makes a Westmill JET DRYER so reliable?

Hot Air Circulation Fans:

We include Class III Fan Wheels as standard complete with oversized 3-15/16” shafts, and proprietary High-Temp DODGE bearing assemblies (made exclusively only for Westmill!). To extend fan shaft bearing life, we also include aluminum shaft-mounted cooling wheels (“heat slingers”) to dissipate heat that is transferred along the fan shaft to the bearings.

Superior parts & material specifications:

WESTMILL’s roots are as a dryer parts supplier. Over those years, we have learned to understand what works, and what has failed or worn out prematurely. When we specify what components go into a Westmill dryer, we incorporate half a century of dryer focus into our component selection. We also have countless proven suppliers supporting us by delivering the best overall value and performance.

Incorporate our customers’ lessons learned:

Westmill has incorporated many improvements after working alongside customers and their engineering groups to modify existing equipment or share ideas about what would be considered “better”.

A WESTMILL Dryer Runs True:

One of the most important elements related to long-term and consistent dryer uptime involves proper dryer tracking and alignment after years of repeated thermal expansion and contraction events. Westmill’s careful attention to frame design and the use of specialized expansion-roller designs ensures that the dryer tracks are straight and stay aligned over their lifetime. The results are fewer plug-ups and uninterrupted production after many years of dependable service.

Long-lasting doors:

Heavy-duty warp-resistant Dryer doors feature stainless steel on both sides for corrosion resistance.


Knowing the Details Behind a Westmill Dryer

Westmill is an innovative global leader in the Board Dryer industry. This is due to their dedication and commitment to creating, designing, and building industry system solutions. This dedication is found in their long list of industry firsts.