Westmill supplies state-of-the-art Board Dryer Infeed, Outfeed, Stacking Equipment and other components used in Veneer and Gypsum Board Drying.  Westmill’s new components seamlessly integrate into your existing equipment as we have extensive experience integrating with all existing equipment OEMs.

Our new equipment is designed to improve plant efficiency and production.

Infeed Dryer System

Westmill is pleased to offer a complete INFEED System, comprised of a series of proven components as well as several enhancements that reflect Westmill’s constant drive for innovation and performance improvement.

Outfeed Dryer Systems

The Westmill’s Outfeed System takes the veneer sheets from the dryer and presents the sheets to the Grading System in a straight and orderly manner.

Veneer Redryer

Increase your plant’s veneer production without increasing energy costs with a Westmill Veneer Redryer.
With heating energy costs being the highest cost factor in drying veneer, solutions to reduce the cost of veneer drying per square foot are welcome.

Veneer Stacker & Outfeed

Westmill’s Stacker is available in configurations to stack both green and dry. We offer Stackers for full sheets (nominal 4′ clip width x 8′ length), half sheets (27″ clip width x 8′ length), and randoms (random clip width x 8′ length).

Veneer Sheet Reentry System

Westmill’s Veneer Sheet Reentry System is available in many custom configurations to meet your plant’s specific needs. Increase your plant production and improve your grading accuracy with Westmill’s Veneer Sheet Reentry System.

Shop Online for Board Dryer Parts

Bearing Housings, Bushings, Gudgeons, and much more. Visit the Westmill Parts Shop for all your Board Dryer Needs!