Westmill offers a complete state-of-the-art dryer.

Built using proven components together with technology enhancements that reflect Westmill’s constant drive for innovation and performance improvements. Westmill’s veneer dryer feeder system can consistently feed over 66 sheets per minute (as compared to 60 sheets per minute by others).

Infeed Chain Conveyor

The Westmill Infeed Chain Conveyor senses individual veneer load positions as they are placed by the forklift and automatically indexes each load to match the vacuum feeder head spacing. This helps reduce plug-ups while feeding the dryer and helps prevent sheet overlap along 8′ edges and corners. Our typical dryer infeed chain conveyor allows the customer to feed 3 stacks and store 3 stacks in waiting, ready to load when required, rather than crowding 3 loads tightly together, and breaking valuable veneer.

Scissor Lift (Hoist)

The Westmill Dryer Infeed Heavy-Duty (HD) Scissor Lift is rugged and dependable and allows you to support up to 26,000 lbs. of veneer – sufficient capacity for (3) loads of the heaviest green veneer of any species.

Scissor Lift Hoist Details:

  • Collapsed Height 16.5”; 76” wide x 192” wide deck (Dimensions can be altered )
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: Replaceable wear guides affixed to the lifting arms and wedge plates.
  • Safety lock-out pin on each leg.

Westmill’s Dryer Infeed Load Accumulator allows for uninterrupted feeding of the dryer during the replacement of the infeed loads. A load replacement can take 45 to 120 seconds depending on the load quality and the efficiency of the operator. With an accumulator, the veneer production through your dryer remains constant with no gaps in production.

*Ask for a copy of our Accumulator Pay-Back Calculator

Vacuum Feeder

The Westmill Powered Roll Vacuum Feeder is robust and designed to maintain the highest possible feeding rates. The vacuum picks up the top sheet from the veneer loads, then sheets are automatically advanced to the tipple stop gate.

Manually feeding veneer at the dryer infeed is a repetitive motion that can be virtually eliminated using a Vacuum Feeder, reducing repetitive strain injuries and ensuring your dryer remains full.

Infeed Rollcase

Westmill’s Infeed Rollcase includes a heavy-duty channel framework and side rails. A separate drive for each deck is included to speed-match the dryer and to provide a much smoother and more consistent dryer feed and overlap timing versus conventional cross-over drive roll arrangement powered from the dryer’s main drive chain.

A separate drive system also allows you to keep the dryer conveyor operating even when there is an infeed stoppage. If a brief infeed stoppage occurs, Westmill’s infeed control system automatically activates a ‘stop-gap’ function to reduce/eliminate the gap between the last sheet fed into the dryer (pre-stoppage) and the next sheet being fed. This ‘catch-up’ feature is unique in Westmill’s infeed control.

Electrically Actuated Infeed Feeder/Tipple

Westmill has developed a new Electrical Infeed Tipple that has eliminated hydraulic cylinders and HPU in favor of an electric linear actuator.

Using an accumulator to counterweight the tipple feeder head (from 4,000 lbs. to only 60 lbs.) allows accurate positioning while operating at the industry’s highest feeding rates.

Westmill has kept many of the same components as found on our original proven hydraulic tipple, including the quickly interchangeable pinch wheel head assemblies with solid feeder wheels.

Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

The Westmill standard Hydraulic Power Unit is sized to adequately power your Scissor Lift.

Some features include:

  • Vickers or Bosch proportional valve for accurate Scissor Lift Control
  • Oil immersion heater
  • ¾ HP Cooler Fans
  • Tank heaters available

Westmill Industries provides consulting, plant layout, and engineering services to ensure you get the right machine for your facility.

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