Westmill Industries has been serving the Panelboard industry since 1975. A leader in board drying technologies, Westmill supplies new veneer and gypsum dryer systems, rebuilds existing dryers, and is the largest stocking supplier of all makes of dryer parts in the world.

Westmill is a second-generation family business with a strong team of knowledgeable employees.

As a member of EWTA, FP Innovations, and the Decorative Hardwoods Association, Westmill is committed to consistently providing Board Dryer Innovation.

Along with our headquarters in Abbotsford, BC, Westmill has warehouses in Portland, OR, and Atlanta, GA.

Westmill Industries are a Full Service & Supplier for the Board Dryer Industry.

Westmill Industries serves the North American and international plywood and board-mill industry strategically located just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia in one of North America’s largest plywood manufacturing regions. Westmill has a wide array of Board Dryer disciplines we specialize in to meet our customer’s needs.

New Dryer sm-iconNEW DRYERS

Westmill has taken every step to ensure our new board dryers are the best available in the industry. Since 1975, Westmill has kept its focus on board dryers rather than trying to be experts in other areas of the process. Our focus combined with our innovative culture has led to a continuous series of dryer improvements which have resulted in a higher production rate as well as more energy-efficient dryers in the market today.

Dryer Rebuilds sm-iconDRYER UPGRADES

Before making the costly decision to replace your old dryer with a new one, consider this: with a Westmill Dryer Rebuild, your dryer will look and operate like new and feature quality Westmill components – often at a fraction of the cost of a new dryer. We have completed hundreds of dryer rebuilds and have worked on all brands and makes of dryers.

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Westmill Industries supplies replacement parts for all makes of board dryers. We have the largest stock of dryer parts in the world at our headquarters in Abbotsford, BC, with additional warehouses in Portland, OR, and Atlanta, GA.


Westmill supplies state-of-the-art Board Dryer Infeed and Outfeed Equipment, Stacking Equipment, and other ancillary components used in Veneer and Gypsum Board Drying and Production.


Westmill can provide you with a non-biased insight into your existing board drying process with our On-site Dryer Inspection Services. An objective view and relative feedback about the status of your current drying operation can be customized to focus on dryer production, dryer energy utilization and/or safety issues observed during the on-site inspection. The findings are summarized in a confidential comprehensive report to management. Westmill can also work with the plant personnel to correct the issues identified in the inspection report.

Westmill has performed many of these on-site inspections over the years and is often able to identify potential production gains and/or energy savings that provide an immediate payback on your inspection investment.


The hallmark of Westmill Industries has always been INNOVATION. The willingness and ability to innovate and to collaborate with customers to create custom-tailored solutions are the qualities that have differentiated Westmill from its competitors.

Westmill has been actively engaged in product development initiatives and the evolution of the Board Dryer industry. Our innovation has led to some best-in-class technologies which have been both embraced and endorsed by many performance and forward-minded customers.

We are excited to offer these state-of-the-art products and systems to our customers. Many are patented, patents pending, or are exclusive to Westmill Industries.

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Bearing Housings, Bushings, Gudgeons, and much more, visit the Westmill Parts Shop for all your Board Dryer Needs!

Westmill Provides Parts for Veneer & Gypsum Dryers

Westmill Industries provides parts for the majority of the veneer and plywood plants throughout North America utilizing their strategic dryer parts inventory locations in Vancouver British Columbia Canada, Portland, Oregon USA, and Atlanta Georgia USA. Westmill has built a reputation for providing excellent products, timely service, and valuable knowledge to their customers.

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Westmill has built a reputation for providing excellent products, timely service, and valuable knowledge to our customers, and we work daily to protect and improve that reputation.

This means we maintain a large inventory of products, we personally answer all phone calls and we strive to timely and accurately respond to customer requests.