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Leaders in Board Drying Technologies

Westmill has been actively engaged in product development initiatives, and the evolution of the Board Dryer industry. Our innovation has led to some best-in-class technologies which have been both embraced and endorsed by many performance and forward minded customers.

Westmill is proud of its long-term commitment to this innovation, and the results they produce.

Through many years of industry exploration we happily offer these products and systems exclusivity to our customers. Many are patented, have pending patents or are exclusive to Westmill Industries and our clients.

Patent Pending
Patented Technology
design exclusive board dryers

We encourage you to browse some of the technologies below or visit our Technologies page for full details.

WestVac Emission and Dryer Control System

Provides an effective method of controlling end-wall dryer emissions, to increase production, save energy, improve veneer quality, and reduce the risk of dryer fires.

2-PEx Exhaust and Dryer Humidity Control System

Provides unparalleled control of humidity along the entire dryer’s length, resulting in increased production, energy savings, and greatly improved veneer quality.

Quick-Change Dryer Roll Baffle System

Removing and replacing roll baffles now takes under 1-hour vs. 16-man-hours of very labor-intensive work to change out a baffle set.

Fan Shaft Seal System

This product has effectively solved the common problem of emissions leaking through panel packing glands at the fan shaft.

“Safe-Openings” Door Handle Load-Dampener

This provides complete control of the door handle throughout the opening and closing process.

Electrically Actuated Tipple Feeder

This design is more efficient and more accurate vs. hydraulic and can provide a faster feed rate.

Bearing Vibration Monitoring

This real-time monitoring directs maintenance personnel to out-of-tolerance bearings before they become failures.

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) System

This is a proven and effective method of eliminating dryer corrosion.

Minimal Heat Transfer Dryer Housing

Designed to virtually eliminate metal-to-metal contact, this greatly reduces energy costs.

The ‘Tightest Dryer on the Market’

Combining multiple Westmill innovations and improvements such as our 1-2-3 Door Seal System, our innovative roll baffle design, the WestVac and the 2-PEx Humidity and Emission Control systems, the spring fan-shaft seal system, and our fully seal-welded dryer floor, and Westmill can boast having the Tightest Dryer on the market today.

Channel Vented Hot Box Housing

Westmill’s Channel Vented roof design allows the dryer housing to ‘breathe’ preventing any condensation from being trapped under the housing.

A Versatile & Highly Controllable Dryer

Combine the wet and dry-end WestVAC Seal sections with our 2-PEx Dryer Exhaust & Emission Control system, together with our industry-leading dryer control system, and you have the most versatile, intuitive, and easily controllable dryer available today.

Optimal Balanced Delivery of Airflow to the Veneer

This Westmill exclusive feature allows users to fine-tune a dryer’s individual decks for optimal performance.

Floor Water Misting System

Greatly reduces the risk of dryer fires caused by fuel build up on the dryer floor.

Cooling Section

Our advanced cooling design benefits from years of multiple iterations and improvements. As compared to other vendors, Westmill’s cooling sections include vane axial fans on both the intake and exhaust stacks.

Westmill’s Dryer Control

The functionality, ease-of-use, and reliability of the Westmill dryer control system are very highly regarded.