As dryers age, they begin to leak, maintenance costs rise and more energy is required to keep them at the target temperature.

Before you make the decision to replace your old dryer, consider a WESTMILL Dryer Technology Upgrade. Bring your dryer to “better-than-new” condition for a fraction of the cost versus new.

Benefits of a WESTMILL Dryer Technology Upgrade:

  • Increased dryer production
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced downtime
Westmill Dryer Technology Upgrade Components
Dryer Floor System

Dryer Floor System

Mild or stainless steel insulated floor panels can be provided and are seal-welded together, creating one continuous floor surface.

door cartridge system

Replacing your dryer doors will reduce your energy demand thus reducing your overall dryer operating costs.

seal-welded upper housing

We will rebuild your entire dryer housing. The new housing will be completely insulated, seal-welded and re-skinned.

seal-welded fan module

Well insulated, seal-welded and re-skinned fan modules ensure a leak proof and efficient dryer.

Dryer Heating System

heating system

We offer a variety of air heating (gas burner) solutions for our dryer rebuild customers.

modular dryer assembly

In an ongoing effort to reduce installation costs AND minimize downtime, Westmill provides pre-assembled modular components in many areas, including fans modules, door-frame-hardware modules, burner assemblies, and gas trains.

Dryer Control Interface

Dryer controls

Our dryer control package includes touch-screen PLC controls with pre-wired PLC cabinets, VFDs, burner control, and exhaust damper controls.

quality components

Westmill will provide all the quality components necessary to completely rebuild your entire dryer.

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