Westmill offers a complete state-of-the-art dryer outfeed system.

The dryer outfeed system quickly unloads the veneer sheets from the dryer, merges all decks onto a single belt, and conveys the veneer to the veneer grading line. Westmill’s system makes this process as quick as possible while minimizing sheet skew.

Six Deck Sequential Unloader

Proper sequential unloading reduces dryer outfeed plug-ups, and results in more consistent grading, and reduces veneer sheet damage, especially at higher veneer processing speeds. Sheets are removed from the dryer as soon as they are detected, thus optimizing the system speed to its fullest.

Pinch Rolls & Veneer Detection

The infeed of the sequential unloader features two pairs of pinch rolls at the infeed of each deck. The pinch roll rotates faster than the dryer rolls, thus pulling the sheets from the dryer and creating a gap between the unloader and the dryer.

Speed Up Rolls

Westmill’s sequential unloader is unique with our larger bottom roll design. The bottom roll of the unloader pinch roll is 5″ inches in diameter for extra stiffness and reduces deflection. Minimal gap must be visible between the rolls of a pinch roll pair for consistent unloading.

Ejection Rolls

Each of the unloader decks features an independent set of sheet discharge rolls to quickly evacuate sheets onto the multibelt.

“V” Groove Wheel & Track

The sequential unloader can be supplied with two foundation wheel tracks, which permit the unloader to be wheeled away from the dryer outfeed end wall for cleanout, baffle replacement/adjustment, and/or roll replacement.

Multi-belt conveyor

Each multi-belt conveyor includes multiple 6″ wide 3 ply rough top conveyor belts. The approximate width of the conveyor is 18 feet. This conveyor includes the drive assembly framework mounted to one leg assembly. The Motors will be 10 HP with a 10/1 ratio reducer. The design includes 5V belt drive from the motor to the reducer and 100 pinch roller chain to the head shaft. Mesh guarding is included.

Double Cross-Transfer Conveyor

Veneer is ‘launched’ from the multi-belt conveyor to the double corner transfer conveyor. With the drop pans in the up position, veneer skids along the tops of the pans and strikes the spring backstop.

After contacting the spring backstop, the drop pans pivot down and the veneer is quickly taken away via the continuously running rough-top belts to the merge conveyor section.

Merge Conveyor 2-to-1 Level

With sheet positioning sensing and individual VFD control, the Westmill merge conveyor helps to stage the veneer prior to scanning and stacking.

Single 90° Edgebelt Corner Transfer

Westmill’s 90-degree Edge Belt Corner Transfer is included in all drives and take-ups. The transfer has the infeed and outfeed transition sections where the belts are turned on edge for the radius.

Edgebelt Corner Transfer