Dryer Rebuilds sm-icon DRYER UPGRADES

Why buy a new board dryer when Westmill can RENEW and upgrade your existing dryer at a fraction of the price?

As dryers age, they begin to leak and use more energy to maintain temperature set-points. Dryer production drops and maintenance costs rise. When the dryers can no longer keep up with production demands, owners often believe their only option is to purchase a NEW dryer.

Before making the costly decision to purchase new, consider this: with a Westmill All-In Dryer Upgrade, your machine will look, operate, and perform like a new, state-of-the-art dryer featuring quality Westmill components — at significant savings versus new. Upgrading also saves considerable permitting costs and time, with faster delivery and reduced down-time compared to installing a new dryer.

Time-lapse of a longitudinal veneer dryer upgrade